The CEG Way

Brand book 
January 2023

Our main task is to uncover people’s conscious and unconscious needs, to create and show the differences between our brands and those of our competitors, so that customers choose us.

To achieve this, we need to know where we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. This applies to the business and the brands we market as well as to the marketing function.

This document will contribute to this knowledge and will be developed as knowledge increases.

CEG Logo

Construction Equipment Group’s logo consists of two elements, the logo symbol and the logotype. The logo symbol is a powerful image that evokes the culture of the construction industry - the connection between the power of communication and the various points of influence.
Download CEG logo pack (for screen)Download CEG logo pack (for print)

PowerPoint- and Office- Templates

You will find our Power Point and office templates here:
Download PowerPoint – Presentation templateDownload Letter template Word - Letter template


We use two main fonts to present CEG, these are Montserrat Regular/Bold and Open Sans Regular/Bold. We also use Better times Regular as a support font.

Check the brand book for the correct use. 
Download Montserrat - FontDownload Open Sans - FontDownload Better times - Font

Color Systems

Color plays an important role in Construction Equipment Group’s corporation identity program. The colors below are recommendations for different media. A palette of primary colors has been developed, which includes the color choice “One Voice”.

Check the brand book for the correct use.


CMYK : C023 M091 Y077 K016
Pantone : 704C
RGB : R172 G048 B050
RAL : 3020
HEX : #AC3032


CMYK : C060 M053 Y053 K052
Pantone : 418C
RGB : R076 G072 B069
RAL : 8019
HEX : #4C4845


CMYK : C089 M039 Y100 K039
Pantone : 357C
RGB : R022 G086 B025
RAL : 6057
HEX : #165619
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